About Us

We are an owner operated business and manufacture our products within our home, located in the small coastal town of Scotts Head, NSW. 

As we live on a hill, we have to winch our van in and out of our driveway, so unfortunately are not able to show you the set up shade canopy at our home. We travel at various times throughout the year  with our Avan while attending sporting events, and will have the shade canopy, privacy screens and clothesline canopy set up for viewings while travelling. Our travel plans will be listed on the "viewing dates" page and will constantly be updated as events come and go.

The Canopy Downunda story:

We had previously owned an Avan Cruiseliner, including an awning and annexe which we used occasionally while travelling, but circumstances change and we sold the Cruiseliner  and tried other different travelling options, none of which were as good as owning an Avan!

Coming full circle, we purchased another Avan, this time an Avan Cruiser model, but  it had neither the awning or annexe and no track installed to be able to attach an awning to. 

So.... We set about making ourselves a Shade Canopy (awning) that could attach to our van without the need for a track to do so. We experimented and found the best way was to fix industrial strength velcro to the van wall and then attach the Shade Canopy to the velcro on the wall, allowing for a quick and easy set-up and removal of the Shade Canopy. We have modified our design through trial and error while travelling  and have settled on the current design. We have now used our original prototype Shade Canopy for 2 1/2 years and it is still performing wonderfully, having travelled on many trips throughout the past few years, through all types of punishing weather conditions to ensure it withstands the use over time.

We also noticed while camping that other caravanners would set up a privacy screen which gave them more of a room feel and helped to provide additional shelter from the weather, so we have created privacy screens for use on the front or back wall and the long side wall to attach to the Shade Canopy, which we now add on every time we set up and find we can't do without! We have also added a privacy screen corner to our range, which offers a more enclosed feel and extra privacy for those wanting this extra option. A fridge screen is also available to help screen the wall where the fridge is located, allowing your fridge to operate more efficiently.

Now we have added a Roof Extender to our range of products - this allows you to increase the overall size of the roofed area to approx. 3.3m x 3.8m for the Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner models and 3.3m x 2.8m for the Sporrtliner. This Roof Extender changes the whole feel of the outdoor setup, allowing a great area to sit and relax or entertain others. 

Our goal is to make these Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy and Privacy Screens, to offer other campers the opportunity to have shade and shelter for their Avan camper, especially if they have no track for an awning or just to have a lighter, brighter and more compact awning to travel with.

We have made the Shade Canopy and Privacy Screens affordable as an opportunity for other Avan owners to share the experience and enjoyment as well, while having the advantage of using a lightweight product that is quick and easy to set up.

As we are making these items from our home and not mass produced, there may be slight product variances. Each item is carefully constructed to offer you a quality product using quality supplies.  We try to have stock on hand but as a single Shade Canopy can take a week or so to make, also depending on market demand and waiting for supplies, sometimes they may go out of stock.

Forward orders can be placed for out of stock items by payment being made in advance, the store contains a pre-order section to select and pay for the items.

Proudly made in Australia in a smoke free and pet free environment.