Frequently Asked Questions   

What are Canopy Downunda products made from?

We use a quality 210D Ripstop nylon material. The nylon allows the products to be light weight and quick drying, with the "ripstop" a strengthened woven square throughout the material, which helps to prevent any holes or tears increasing throughout the fabric. The material is water resistant featuring a pvc coating on the underside, offering protection from the rain and the weather.

How much is delivery charge?

Orders with a total value over $55 will be sent out FREIGHT FREE across Australia. Order totals under $55 will incur a freight charge depending on the weight of the total order - freight charge will be shown in cart. All orders will be supplied with a tracking number. Any orders with items including poles will be sent via courier. Smaller items will be sent through Australia Post. Delivery times will vary greatly depending on the delivery location in Australia. Some locations will be serviced by on-forwarding couriers, so this may add an extra few days to the estimated date of delivery.

Will the Shade canopy fit my sized van?

Our Shade Canopy is made in 2 sizes: - to fit the Sportliner model - to fit the Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner models

What if i have an off road Adventure Plus van?

Our Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy and Privacy Screens will fit the taller Adventure Plus model. The poles supplied with the Shade Canopy, the Roof Extender and PS02 privacy screen wall can extend to a height of 228cm (7'6"). The fridge screen also offers a longer length selection for the Adventure Plus height.

What accessories are included?

All our products are supplied with full accessories. - The SC01 Shade Canopy contains: Storage bag, Two extendable 228cm (7'6") poles 4x 3 metre ropes with rope tensioners 4x glow in the dark tent pegs - The PS01, PS02 & PS03C privacy screens contain: Storage bag Tent pegs 6.3mm x 225mm Zinc plated steel (PS01 x3, PS02 x6, PS03 x3) Shock cords to suit PS02- one extendable 228cm (7'6") pole - The FS01 Fridge Screen contain: Storage bag Tent pegs 6.3mm x 225mm Zinc plated steel x 2 Shock cords to suit

How does the Shade Canopy attach to my van?

Our Shade Canopy is designed to be a quick on and off setup. We supply industrial grade self adhesive velcro that is to be placed along the edge of the folding van wall. This velcro is not seen and will not interfere with the van in any way when not being used with the shade canopy. The Shade Canopy is then easily attached to the velcro on the wall edge, the wall is then stood up in place and the Shade Canopy set up for use with the poles and ropes. Watch our setup video on our home page to see the Shade Canopy in action.

Is the Shade Canopy heavy or bulky?

Our Shade Canopy is strong but lightweight and by itself only weighs 1.6kg. The canvas backpack we supply will store the Shade Canopy and the Privacy Screens all together, making it a space saver in your storage compartment.

What if i need advice while setting up or using my products?

We are happy to help you to get the best experience from using your Canopy Downunda items, and will help you with any questions you may have. We can be contacted by email at and will respond to you as quickly as possible. We also have two videos on Youtube that show the setup of the shade canopy: (the same as the one on our home page) (a longer video that shows the installation of the velcro to the wall edge then the set up of the shade canopy)

Can i view the Shade Canopy set up on a van?

We offer viewing opportunities througout the year which will be noted on our "Possible Viewing Dates" webpage. Please see page for more details. As we live in a hilly town, we have to winch our van in and out of our garage, so it is not practical for us to have viewings at our home.

How much extra space does the Shade Canopy give?

The Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy that fits the Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner models allows you to utilise a very generous 1.8m x 3.8m of outdoor living area. The Sportliner Shade Canopy gives a huge 1.8m x 2.8m area,

Can i leave the Shade Canopy attached to the van while i travel?

The Shade Canopy is to be taken down between travels...leaving it attached will void your warranty. When packing up, after removing the poles and ropes etc, it is only a matter of taking the Shade Canopy off the Velcro and it is done... so an extra 1 minute onto the packing up stage. That is the good thing about the design, it is quick to remove and set up, without having to interfere with the roof to do so. For the extra minute to remove it from the Velcro you know it is not going to be damaged by a stray rivet/screw, jammed in a folded area and damaged as the moving rubbing sensation while travelling occurs. So our answer would be – to remove the shade canopy in that last step and have it last you for a long time.

Im having trouble trying to buy something, can you help?

Certainly - please contact us and we can assist you to make your purchase easier

What payment options do i have?

The store checkout offers the choice of Paypal, Credit card or Banking details for a bank deposit. We can also send you an invoice to pay with banking details included or payment can be made directly through Paypal to our Paypal account email at We can also offer credit card payments over the phone. Any questions please contact us, we are here to help :)

Why dont you recommend using the product in the wind?

Our Shade Canopy and Privacy Screens are made from a light-weight yet strong material, but like all awnings, will have some movement when the wind blows. We do not recommend using the product in wind as we are unable to ensure that the user will have set up the shade canopy correctly to minimise movement and to be anchored securely to withstand the forces of the wind. We will not be liable for any damage to persons or property that may be caused from ropes/pegs/product becoming loose in the wind and so using our products in a windy situation will be at your own risk. We have used our product in the wind as part of the testing trials we do on all our products, and it performs wonderfully, as we have it secured tightly and solid. But like all awnings, they have a limit as to how much wind they can withstand, and common sense prevails with very strong winds, as there are times you will need to take it down for safety. The material will withstand the elements, it is just not recommended for wind because of the unknown setup by the purchaser, therefore using in the wind would be at your own risk. When setting up the canopy, the edges of the canopy should sit in a straight line (nice and taut) both outwards from the van and also between the two poles. If there is sagginess then the wind will be able to move the canopy. The aim is to set the poles at a lower height to allow the material in the canopy to sit taut and secure. As the weather cools or rains, the material, being nylon, will expand and so the material will become looser... therefore the ropes will need to be tightened to reduce any slackness created by the cooler/wet weather. Best check is to pull on the pole spigot... if ther is movement then tighten the ropes to get a taut fit between the poles and also the pole and the van.

Do you send orders outside of Australia?

No we only sell our products within Australia.

Do I have to do anything to my van before I can use my Shade Canopy?

While you are waiting for your Shade Canopy to arrive via courier, you could ensure the wall edge that the velcro will be attached to is clean and ready for use. We have a Youtube video available to watch that will show you the steps involved with readying the wall edge and how to attach the velcro to the wall edge. You may copy this link and paste in your search engine, or click this link to go to Youtube to view the video. The Velcro is to be left for 24 hours to ensure a strong fix before using your Shade Canopy for the first time.

I am using the removable additional eyelet on my Shade Canopy - how do I attach the long wall privacy screen?

We have made the removable additional eyelet to allow the additional use of an extra pole on the shade canopy. The removable eyelet will velcro anywhere along the shade canopy edge, with the most popular position being the middle, although it does allow you to use a smaller privacy screen along the front edge of the Shade Canopy also. When using the long wall privacy screen, it alreqady has an eyelet for a centre pole, so the additional eyelet can be removed. The centre pole must be set to be at the same height as the two corner poles for the long privacy screen to sit correctly as it is a rectangle and needs to sit in a rectangle shape to perform correctly.

How much area is under cover when using the Shade Canopy etc.

The covered area under the Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy is 1.8m outwards from the van and is 3.8m long for the Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner models and 1.8 x 2.8m long for the Sportliner model. The Shade Canopy Roof Extender, when added to the Shade Canopy, increases the overall covered area to 3.3m outwards x 3.8m long for the Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner models and 3.3m x 2.8m for the Sportliner model.

I have gas strut roof lifter accessories attached to my van, can i use a shade canopy too?

As the gas strut roof lifters are usually fitted in the area where our Shade Canopy would be exiting the van, they are generally in the way and so make it not possible to use a Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy