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This page is dedicated to additional products we add to our  Canopy Downunda range

A-frame Clocks

Novelty A-frame clocks featuring caravan decals, time, date, alarm, calendar and changing colour display.

Great gift idea for the Avanner who has everything!

See the A-frame clock page for more details: A-Frame clocks

Shade Canopy Roof ExtenderSCRE  

The latest addition to our Canopy Downunda range is the new Shade Canopy Roof Extender, allowing you to extend the under-cover area outside your Avan to gain extra outdoor living and ideal for get-togethers!

The Roof Extender is designed to attach to the long edge of the Shade Canopy, approx increasing the overall covered area to a massive 3.3m x 3.8m for the Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner and 3.3m x 2.8m for the Sportliner!

Privacy Screen front/back walls are also available for Roof Extender.


Roll Up Wall Tabs RUWT

The Roll Up Wall Tabs are made to allow you to hold your Privacy Screen wall in a rolled up position out of the way.  


If you are wanting to create a breeze way through the area or take in the view around you, these tabs will be there ready for you, allowing the privacy screen to still be attached to your Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy or Roof Extender, and be rolled back down again when needed.

Recommended use:

Front/back end wall privacy screen - 3 tabs

Long side wall privacy Screen - 5 tabs

Packs available:

pack of 3 - $4.95 ,  pack of 5 $6.95 ,  bulk pack of 11 - $14.95 , bulk pack of 17 - $18.95

Sun Shower Clothesline Canopy SSCC

Designed to offer shelter from both the sun and the rain, the Sun  Shower Canopy is a perfect addition for every camper.

The self supporting domed roof offers clearance above the clothesline to allow the airflow to circulate assisting with drying of your clothing articles.

Great for covering your line full of washing leaving, you free to go out and enjoy your day.

Perfect area for hanging your expensive wetsuits or swimming item that should be dried in the shade, helping to prolong the life of the garment.

Optional wall available that will allow you to give additional shelter from directional rain.

  • Self supporting domed roof offers shelter from both sun and rain

  • Made from quality 210D Ripstop nylon water resistant material

  • Covers the line but still allows the breeze through to dry items

  • Protect expensive articles that shouldn’t dry in the sun: wetsuits / delicate fabrics

  • Washing is covered while you are out and about so you can enjoy your day

  • Universal attachment to arms

  • Suitable for 4 arm clotheslines

  • Anchoring eyelets to enable tie down for stability if required

Optional accessories available to purchase:

  • Shelter Wall - The wall covers two sides of the clothesline area to offer greater protection for hanging articles from the direction of the sun or inclement weather. Wall is supplied with a guy rope and peg to allow extra stability with the wall attached.

  • Sun Shelter Canopy and fold up clothesline package - complete with the folding clothesline including 3 anchoring screw in pegs


Sun Shelter Canopy - $109.00

Sun Shelter Canopy and fold-up clothesline $175.00

Shelter wall  - $89.00


Deter ants from crawling into your caravan!


These quality Deter-Ant pads are designed to be placed under the stabiliser feet of your caravan, as well as secured around the power cord, water hose or waste hoses...  all are places that ants like to traverse to gain access to your caravan.

Each pad is made from quality 100% rubber featuring a checker-plate design.

Ants prefer not to cross the surface of the rubber, so with the rubber pads in place under each of your caravan feet it may deter the ants from wanting to enter your caravan from the ground up. Placing the smaller pads on your power cords or hoses may also deter the adventurous ones that seek entry while doing the tightrope walk across from the tap or up from the ground. If necessary you can place two small pads back to back on the cord or hose to cover any small gaps made by slight variations in circumference.

(Be aware that if you park under trees, the ants may crawl onto or drop to your van from the trees above, or alternatively climb onto your shade canopy or privacy screens from the shock cords at ground level).

Pack contains:

  • 4 large ground pads 25cm x 25cm

  • 14 smaller assorted size hole hanging pads for cords, cables and hoses 5cmx5cm

  • Storage bag

PRICE: ​$27.50