Sportliner & Cruiser complete setup
The Sportliner and the Cruiser Avan set up with the Shade Canopy, Roof Extender and all privacy screens attached... front privacy screen is secured up with roll up wall tabs.
Cruiser and Sportliner Roof Extender
Roof Extenders set up on both a Cruiser and Sportliner model... complete with privacy screens attached
Roof Extender added to Shade Canopy
The Roof Extender attaches to the Shade Canopy to increase the undercover area to approx. 3.3m x 3.8m for the Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner models and 3.3m x 2.8m (approx.) for the Sportliner model.
Roof Extender and Privacy Screens
Looking through under the Shade Canopy and Roof Extender to the added Privacy Screens
Roof Extender and Privacy Screens
Light and bright under the Roof Extender and Shade Canopy, complete with Privacy Screen walls and corner
Under the Roof Extender
Roof Extender and Shade Canopy
Looking back towards van from inside under the Roof Extender
Roof Extender with Shade Canopy
Roof Extender and Shade Canopy with Long Side Wall Privacy Screen (PS02) attached
Roof Extender setup
View from back side corner with Roof Extender attached to the Shade Canopy and all Privacy Screens and corner set up.
Roof Extender rear view
View from the rear of the van with Shade Canopy, Roof Extender, PS01, REPS, PS02 & PS03C privacy Screens attached
Roll up wall tabs
Roll Up Wall Tabs added to the velcro between the roof and the wall to allow walls to be rolled up and held in place until required.
Roll up wall tabs
Roll Up Wall Tabs, best to use 3 for the small privacy Screen walls and 5 for the long privacy screen wall.
Roll up wall tab
Roof Extender Privacy Screen (REPS)
Front/back end wall Privacy Screen designed to use with the Roof Extender
Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy
Shade Canopy
The Shade Canopy set up with two outer poles
Shade canopy with removable eyelet
Shade Canopy complete with additional eyelet in place to allow a 3rd pole to be attached.
Shade canopy with removable eyelet
Privacy Screens PS01 & PS02
Shade canopy and long wall P/S
Long wall privacy screen
Shade Canopy & Privacy Screen PS01
Shade Canopy & Privacy Screen
Privacy Screens PS01 & PS02
SC01, PS01, PS02 & PS03C
Privacy Screen Corner PS03C
Privacy Screen Corner PS03C
Privacy Screens PS02 & PS01
Lots of privacy & extra living area
Privacy Screen PS01
Ample height for door clearance
Privacy Screens PS01 & PS02
Side view of Shade Canopy
Privacy Screen PS02
Removable additional eyelet
Removable additional eyelet
Light and bright
Removable additional eyelet
SC01 Shade Canopy on rear side
Dual canopies set up on both sides
Fridge Screen
Standard width Fridge Screen
Fridge Screen side view
Offering shade for the fridge wall
Fridge Screen side on
Fridge screen for Avan
Fridge Screen mesh panel
Mesh panel on fridge screen to allow any heat from fridge to escape
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