Possible viewing dates

These dates will be updated as our plans evolve,

so routinely check this page.

Prospective viewing dates have been entered, but are not final until marked as confirmed. Occasionally there may be an unforeseen change to the date, so ensure you keep up to date.


We will be travelling with our prototype Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy which can offer you the opportunity to view the Shade Canopy and Privacy Screens in action. Please keep in mind that the prototype has been road-tested, altered and improved over the past 2 1/2 years of our travels, allowing us to come up with the final product that is now available for you to own. As we have used it most months of the year at times varying from 1 weeks to 3 weeks use, it will give you the opportunity to see how well the material stands up to the test of time from repeated use.

During the viewing days we will be coming and going from our Avan, but you are welcome to independently view the shade canopy and privacy screens setup on our Avan Cruiser in the caravan park (all caravan park rules apply). As we will be also attending a sporting event while at the park, meeting with us will require a pre-arranged time, please contact us for details.

We will not have stock to sell while we are at our viewing days, all purchases must be completed through the store on the website. 

Stock on hand may run low over our viewing dates as no items will be manufactured while we are away.

If item is showing as out of stock, you may contact us for more information, 

While we are actually travelling both to and from, and attending the viewing days shown below, the  corresponding date will be displayed in pink and any in-stock orders placed nearing these dates will not be sent out until the date specified on the store page.

Come and have a look at your leisure, (including come on in under the canopy) but as we are attending sporting event, appointment is necessary if wanting to meet up with us - email us if wanting to arrange a time to meet. canopydownunda@gmail.com


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we do not have any travel plans in place