Canopy Downunda Privacy Screens

PS01, PS02, PS02S, PS03C & FS01

The Canopy Downunda Privacy Screens offer you the opportunity to add privacy and additional shelter to your Shade Canopy. The fridge screen will also offer shade for your refrigerator wall.


PS01 – Universal front/back end screen

PS02 – Long side screen

PS03C – Corner screen

FS01 – Fridge screen


Full accessories are supplied – privacy screen, storage bag, pegs, toggles and shock cords, pole (for PS02) and detailed instructions.


Canopy Downunda privacy screens are quick to install and remove and if placed on a slight outward angle, allow for rain to be diverted away and to gain a little extra space in your covered area. 




$119.00 - PS01 Universal front/back wall

$119.00 Universal front/back wall for Sportliner

$189.00 - PS02 Long side wall

​$169.00 - PS02S Long side wall for Sportliner

$69.00 - PS03C Corner

$59.00 - FS01 Fridge Screen 105cm  (extra wide version 150cm $89)


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PS01 - Privacy Screen front/back

PS02 Privacy Screen side wall

PS03Privacy Screen corner (shown here with side and back wall)

PS01 - Privacy Screen front/back

PS02- Privacy Screen side wall

PS03C- Privacy Screen corner

PS01 Privacy Screen, tent pegs, shock cords and storage bags

PS02 Privacy Screen, tent pole, tent pegs, shock cords, guy rope and storage bags

PS03C- Privacy Screen corner

FS01 - Fridge Screen

FS01 - Fridge Screen

FS01 - Fridge Screen


SC01 - Shade Canopy for Aliner, Cruiser, Cruiseliner                                            $549

SC01S - Shade Canopy for Sportliner                                                                      $499

PS01 - Privacy Screen end wall for Aliner, Cruiser, Cruiseliner                           $119

PS01S - Privacy Screen end wall for Sportliner                                                     $119

PS02 - Privacy Screen long wall for Aliner, Cruiser, Cruiseliner                          $189

PS02S - Privacy Screen long wall for Sportliner                                                    $169

PS03C - Privacy Screen corner for Sportliner, Aliner, Cruiser, Cruiseliner           $69

FS01 -  Fridge Screen                                                                                                   $59