When items are showing in our store as "Out of stock"  we are currently in the process of making more!. If you would like to reserve an item from our next available batch of manufacturing, you may pay a $20 deposit (once) for your whole order, to hold all the item/s for you. The $20 deposit will be deducted from the invoice total and the remaining balance of the order will be required to be paid before the order is sent out for delivery upon completion of your order.


PLEASE COMPLETE THE DETAILS OF WHAT ITEMS YOU WOULD LIKE TO ORDER - you may add more than one item to the order, (only the one deposit is required for the whole order) just include the items you require in an email to us. We will put all  required items aside awaiting completion of the manufacturing item, to enable the order to be sent out all together. 




$20 deposit - to reserve order for "Out of Stock" item from next available batch

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