This is a complete pack containing the Shade Canopy, Roof Extnder and all privacy screens and accessories to allow you to set up the area fully enclosed, outside your van. Suits the Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner models.

This pack has been grouped together to allow you ease of adding to your cart without having to select all the items individually. 


Pack includes:

Shade canopy with 2 poles, 4 ropes and accessories

Roof extender with 4 poles, 6 ropes and accessories

2 x PS01 front/back wall privacy screens for shade canopy,, and accesories

2 x REPS front/back wall privacy screens for roof extender, and accessories

2 x PS03C corrner privacy screens

1 x PS02 long side wall privacy screen, 1 x pole and accessories

1 x Fridge screen (notify us as to height of screen required (e.g. regular/adventure pack height or Adventure Plus height) and accessories


This pack is designed for the traveller who wants to fully enclose the awning area when going away from their van during the day. The front wall would need to be either removed or folded back for access in and out while at the van, then put into place when going out to enclose the full area and offer maximum privacy.

$1620 COMPLETE PACK WITH ROOF EXTENDER - for Aliner, Cruiser, Cruiseliner