Made from quality 210D ripstop nylon fabric, the fridge screen will offer shade and some weather protection on the wall where the fridge is located, allowing your fridge to operate more efficiently. It includes a mesh vent along the top of the screen to allow any heat generated from the fridge motor to escape freely.
Quick setup an easy to attach and remove from the van.
The width of the regular fridge screen is 105cm and is available in 2 lengths to suit the following models:
. Regular height or adventure pack added ground clearance models ( overall screen length1.4m)
. Adventure Plus models (very high ground clearance) (overall screen length 1.6m)

Pack contains:
Fridge Screen,
Tent pegs zinc (2 for regular width, 3 for extra wide width)
Double loop shock cords (2 for regular width, 3 for extra wide width)
Adhesive velcro
Storage bag

We have now included the option of an extra wide fridge screen for $89, for those wanting to have extra area covered. The extra wide width is a huge150cm.
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Width of Fridge Screen
Length of fridge screen to suit model: