The Roll Up Wall Tabs are designed to hold your Privacy Screen wall in a rolled up position, allowing you to take advantage of the breeze, to sit an watch the people go by etc.. and when ready you can let the wall back down to offer the privacy once again. Stops the need for having to take off and put back on the privacy screens when required.


The Roll Up Wall Tabs are available in packs of 3 (suits the smaller Privacy Screen walls) and pack of 5 (great for the PS02 Long Side Wall Privacy Screen). or in bulk packs of 11 or 17 which are great for a combination of wall options.


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Pack contains:


Pack of required qty of roll up wall tabs



Pack of 3 - $4.95

Pack of 5 - $6.95

Bulk pack of 11 - $14.95

Bulk pack of 17 - $18.95