Canopy Downunda Roof ExtenderSCRE  

The latest addition to our Canopy Downunda range is the new Shade Canopy Roof Extender. 

The Roof Extender will allow you to extend the under-cover area outside your Avan to gain extra outdoor living area - great to sit around and relax or an ideal place for get-togethers!

The Roof Extender is designed to attach to the long edge of the Shade Canopy, approx increasing the overall covered area to a massive 3.3m x 3.8m for the Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner and 3.3m x 2.8m for the Sportliner!

Also available is the option to purchase matching sized Roof Extender Privacy Screens (REPS) (front/back privacy screen). The original PS02 Long Side Wall Privacy Screen and the PS03C Corner Privacy Screen will both be suitable to use with the new roof extender, still enabling the whole area to be enclosed as before.

(SCRE) Shade Canopy Roof Extender:

$255 - To suit Aliner, Cruiser and Cruiseliner

$230 - To suit Sportliner

$119 - Roof Extender front/back wall privacy screen  (REPS)


Roof Extender, 4x poles, 6 x ropes, 6 x pegs, storage bag & instructions

Roof Extender
Roof extender attached to the Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy and fitted with Privacy screen walls on rear and side
Cruiser & Sportliner Roof Extender
Roof Extender with privacy screens attached on both the Cruiser and Sportliner models
Roof Extender and Privacy Screens
Looking in under Shade Canopy and attached Roof Extender, set up with two rear walls, one long side wall and corner privacy screens
Roof Extender and Shade Canopy
Standing inside under Roof Extender looking back at van
Roof Extender side view
Rear side view of roof extender with PS02 long side wall, PS03C corner, REPS Roof Extender front/back wall & PS01 Shade canopy front/back wall privacy screens attached
Roof Extender rear view
Looking at the back of the van with Roof Extender and privacy screen walls and corner attached.
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