Important information to read before purchasing (T&C)


Orders over $55 will be  sent within Australia freight free. Orders under $55 will be charged postage accordingly, postage price will be shown in the shopping cart. We are unable to send orders outside of Australia. As it is a 2 hour return journey to the couriers to send out our parcels, deliveries will be sent out on a Tuesday or Friday. 

A phone number must be provided for the freight booking to be completed, so ensure you have entered one in the phone number section on the shopping cart page under your items, or email us with the contact phone number.

Delivery times will vary for different parts of Australia. Past experience shows it is always better to allow a couple of extra days on to their suggested delivery times, to allow for unforeseen holdups and of course be patient. All parcels sent have insurance included in the freight delivery. Any enquiries regarding delivery, please contact us as we can get an answer to you quicker than  an enquiry through the booking agent.

We will book the delivery of your parcel, an email will be sent to you from the freight company with tracking details which will allow you to check on their website the status of the parcel delivery. 

As we live in a small town, we also do a 2 hour round trip to the freight couriers depot every couple of days. We will contact you after purchase and give you details of the day we will be going to the depot.

All parcels will require signature upon delivery. If this is a problem, then you could possibly leave a signed authorisation note for the delivery driver to leave the parcel at your request, but this would be done at your own risk, as once left unattended, their insurance will no longer cover the parcel as it is only valid up to  the delivery point. Alternatively you may give us another delivery address  to use where someone will be available for the receipt (relative, neighbour, work address etc.).

Our product is not compatible with gas strut roof lifters as the lifters sit in the way of the canopy.


Before purchasing any Canopy Downunda products you must ensure you understand the following information about the product and by purchasing our products you are agreeing to this information and terms and conditions. All purchases are final and we do not refund simply because you have changed your mind. Any questions you may have please contact us before making your purchase.

  • The Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy is suited to be used on A-frame style caravan/camper designs. You do not need to have a track for an awning to install as the Shade Canopy will attach to the supplied adhesive industrial Velcro, that attaches to the edge of the A-frame wall.

  • All Canopy Downunda shade products are made from quality 210D Ripstop nylon, which is manufactured to be  water-repellent, encouraging the water to bead and run off. The water may at times be enough to eventually wet the shade canopy / privacy screen material and binding, and similar to a tent, if you have items up against the material they may cause the moisture to come through the fabric, so be aware of this when setting up any furniture under the area.


  • Being made from nylon the material does not take long to dry out but the edge binding does not repel water and will take longer to dry when wet, so please ensure all areas are completely dry before storing away.

  • In high humidity, condensation may form on the underside of the Shade canopy in beads overnight, this is natural and also will not take long to dry out when the weather warms up.

Note: all nylon has the ability to stretch and return to it's original shape, so when the shade canopy gets wet or damp you may see some sagging, but once dry it will return to its original shape. 

  • The 210D Ripstop nylon is a quality strong yet lightweight nylon, with the ripstop weave designed to help prevent any holes or rips from progressing further. Like all products made from tent materials, your shade canopy / privacy screen does not have a warranty against holes or damage but you will be supplied with a small quantity of extra material to assist with any repairs you may want to make if you are unfortunate and damage your canopy shade / privacy screen. Always ensure fabric is free of folding wall joins when setting up and do not walk on material if placed on ground to prevent a mishap of sharp rocks penetrating fabric. 

  • The roof support rod is made from fibreglass and quite flexible and strong to perform its task of supporting the roof, but care should be taken not to over bend the arch when dismantling the shade canopy, especially if the shade canopy is wet and heavier than normal. On hot sunny days the rod may appear to be too long for the shade canopy.... this is just the material contracting in the full sun. The aim when setting up on a sunny day is to attach the shade canopy, put up the poles and ropes quickly without too much time taken, insert the support rod... then go back to fine tune the poles and ropes.  If you spend a lot of time while putting up poles and ropes the material will appear to be too tight for the support rod to fit in easily, so it is best to insert the support rod early in the set up stage.

  • The Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy and Privacy Screens are not recommended to be used in windy conditions or hail. The ripstop material is strong and if secured correctly will withstand windy weather, but as we are unable to  monitor the individual setup of each shade canopy, using our products in windy conditions is at your own risk to the product and your person or possessions. (See more on this in the FAQ section)

  • Instructions are supplied with each product and are to be followed to avoid any problems or voiding your warranty. 

Canopy Downunda is not responsible or liable for any damage to you or any other person's caravan/camper or person or personal possessions from using the Canopy Downunda Shade Canopy, Privacy Screens or any other item supplied with these products (extendable rod, tent poles, pegs, guy lines, line tensioners, bags etc).

By purchasing and using these products, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and will do so at your own risk.